We offer strategic e-commerce consultancy always focused on aligning your digital growth with your overall business objectives.

Using all clients data points, we build in-depth audits of e-commerce businesses looking for growth opportunities and pain points.

All audits are fully bespoke. They use relevant KPIs, competition analysis and industry benchmarks to score our clients online businesses. Typical focal areas include e-commerce performance, website user experience, earned and paid customer acquisition and retention effectiveness, brand positioning online, analytics & reporting practice, and team structure.

We can offer more focused audits to help our clients on a more specific topic - for example perform a paid digital media audit looking at creative and targeting strategies at each point of the funnel, or an email strategy audit looking at campaigns and automated flows optimisations.

Our audits are designed to give actionable insights and lead to the delivery of a 1 year e-commerce roadmap which also look at budget and team requirements.
We always act as an extension of our client’s in-house marketing team so recommendations remain realistic and aligned with the topline business strategy.